Monday Madness

workOh, my. It’s Monday!!!

For those of you new to my blog, on Mondays I like to provide you with something that makes you smile. This is because Mondays usually get a bad rap. You know what I mean.

And, guess what? I’d love for you to contribute your favorite funnies as well! Just email me!

Let’s get some giggle on with the following videos:

First, I present you with “Stock Photos in Real Life”. Two guys look around and see that their fellow employees are all in stock photo poses. Funny.

Does your dog share your couch? Or, actually, take over your couch? Watch this Great Dane’s expressions as he joins his owner on the couch!!

I love both James Taylor and Jimmy Fallon. So what could be better than “Two James Taylors On A Seesaw”?

Have a great Monday!

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Monday Madness


Wait! It’s Tuesday – Memorial Day was yesterday.

This means that most of us are back at work today. Thus, we need laughter! Below are some videos that I hope will meet the requirement.

First up, Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx do Musical Impressions. Jennifer Hudson impersonation of “On top of spaghetti”? Awesome.

This is actually an ad for Pizza Hut. They creatively make fun of selfie sticks!!!

Finally, I do enjoy zefrank1’s videos on YouTube. This is the Sad Cat Diary.

Monday Madness

workIt’s Monday – again. But that’s okay!!!

Here’s why: Every Monday, in an effort to cheer you up on this, the first day of the work week, I’ve brought you some videos.

(Remember: You can contribute as well! Just send me your submissions!)

1. This video produced by Benjamin Moore is brilliant!!!  The paint company introduces its new Fenway Collection by putting the Green Monster in New York City. Even if you don’t follow baseball, the legendary rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox is, well, legendary. Well played, Benjamin Moore. Well played. #MonsterEverywhere.

2. The Kentucky Derby was on Saturday, and the winner was American Pharaoh. On Friday, though, Jimmy Fallon was asked to predict the winner, which he did – with puppies. Even if you know the result, this is worth watching because it’s the unedited version, and, well…puppies!

3. I dedicate this last one to Gini Dietrich. It features both Jimmy Fallon and her boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr., having an “emotional interview”.

The post “Monday Madness” appeared first on Fumbling Towards Epiphany.