How important is it to you?

The missing subject, substituted by “it” in the title, is “internal communications”.

Yes, I want to know how important internal communications is to you.

Why? Because with all that is going on today – war, economy, business, personal and financial struggles across every level, bills, taxes, a new government on the way – internal communications may be one of the most important roles at a company.

Some companies may be nervous about how much to share with employees, especially if they are considering cutbacks that include layoffs. Other companies embrace different versions of “transparency” in an attempt to settle just a few nerves and motivate employees. Assurances that cash flow is fine and to keep moving forward.

This has me thinking. There are internal communications around crisis situations like these we face and there are internal communications that are consistent with regards to employee recognition, business updates and performance, no matter what is happening with the economy.

So, I want to know how important internal communications, as well as what kind of internal communications, is to you. (And I’m not talking about ice cream socials.)

And, we’re live!

Welcome to my newly named blog, “Fumbling Towards Epiphany”!

I just love the name. Many, many thanks go to my friend, Ike Pigott, for suggesting it. Ike’s blog is Occam’s RazR, and you should check it out. He is BRILLIANT!

The picture in the header is of my dog, Tillman. He is a bulldog/boxer mix. He is wearing his Halloween costume that his “auntie” got him. (Doesn’t he look thrilled?)

Anyway, this aptly named blog will contain a mixture of posts on a variety of topics, as well as some funny (I hope) stories. I am, as most of us are, “fumbling towards epiphany”. And I am talking about items like work, communications, parenting, holidays with family, the ongoing changes in our world, heck – anything!

We do fumble as we live our daily lives. We make mistakes on all levels (hopefully not all at once) and we have successes on all levels. I think we experience small epiphanies from time to time – those “a-ha” moments.

So let me ask you this first question, what does “fumbling towards epiphany” mean to you?