E. Marketing Communications

E. Marketing Communications (EMC) is here to help you grow your brand, image and business by integrating marketing and communications. EMC provides:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Internal and corporate communications
  • Brand strategy
  • Content creation
  • Social media.

You will receive experienced strategic counsel and development assistance with business programs, including:

  • Annual marketing communication plans
  • Product launches
  • Internal communications plans
  • Key message development
  • Social media strategy and planning.

In addition, you will be educated on how to implement the strategy and plan to expand your results.

Just a few accomplishments:

  • 20-year communication and marketing veteran with experience in Oil & Gas (services, upstream and downstream), Chemical and Distribution industries
  • Garnered a 51% increase in external hits, search engine results in the top three listings and media placement within trade publication that led to commercial business and predicted 300K lbs of product for the coming year for Huntsman Corporation Performance Products
  • Incorporated SharePoint as part of the overall organization intranet revamp which saved $1 million annually
  • At Huntsman Corporation created first internal business blog peaking views and participation to 73%
  • At Ciba Specialty Chemicals, more than doubled positive media coverage in first six months for Textile Effects segment.

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