Houston Foodie Adventure #3

Earlier this week I met a friend for lunch. As she works in the Woodlands, we agreed to go to Brio. I haven’t been there in a while, but have always had good food. This time, however, well…let me share and you can decide.

My friend ordered a Caesar salad followed by a seared shrimp risotto. The Caesar came out on a large plate but didn’t begin to fill it, and it looked very dry. I don’t think I should see parmesan cheese flying through the air, but that is my opinion. She seemed to enjoy her risotto, which looked beautiful, but she basically picked out and ate the shrimp.

I ordered the Brio chopped salad, which I love. If you have never had it, it contains chopped greens with tomatoes, olives, onions, cucumber, Feta and red wine vinaigrette. It just looked so small on the large plate. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious, but from a perception stand point, I felt both salads could have been plated better.

After my salad I had the lobster bisque. Now, it’s interesting that the menu on the overall web site states that the bisque “comes with with shrimp and a touch of sherry”. It did not say that on the menu at the location I visited. And, the waiter told me that it was full of lobster with a generous amount of sherry. So, when the bisque was put in front of me, I see a beautiful color on which a single (and possibly the smallest) piece of shrimp lay in the middle.

I actually asked the server, “Why does my lobster bisque come with shrimp?”

He gave me the same answer as his description, “It was full of lobster with a generous amount of sherry.”

He then added, “They chop the lobster up before adding it in and that is probably just a piece of lobster.”

Um, no. I know shrimp when I see shrimp. And while the bisque had a lovely lobster flavor and there were some small (very small) pieces of lobster meat in it, I felt that it was a crime to not showcase the actual lobster. (Yes, I watch a lot of Gordon Ramsay shows.)

To be clear, the server was as nice as could be and very professional and efficient. It was the food and its presentation that disappointed me.

What are your thoughts?

(Image courtesy of boozinfoodie.com)

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