So much has been going on that I have not had time to post like I would want to. I have some big news to share.

Background: I have pulmonary hypertension. Put simply, Pulmonary Hypertension, or PH, is high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs that can lead to heart failure. You can learn more at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association web site.

A lot of good things are happening when it comes to research and what doctors can do for patients. I’m very optimistic (see my silly picture?) and live my life like it’s not an issue. In my  opinion, one could get hit by a bus tomorrow.

Of course, as with anything in life, changes happen and decisions need to be made. For me, the past month has been very emotional as I sort out what I want to do next. The time has come for me to put my life and family first, which means that I am retiring. So many crazy emotions continue to take me on a roller coaster ride, but I know it’s the right decision. I’m always available to talk about communications, marketing communications, social media and everything under the sun. I plan to volunteer and stick with IABC/Houston work.

It’s scary and it’s definitely outside my comfort zone, but I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my life. Savvy?

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Susan Cellura is a marketing communications professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a dynamic communications professional and enthusiastic team-builder, with a progressive history of success in designing and implementing communications programs for global organizations. A strategic thinker with the ability to understand the needs of multiple audiences and deliver solutions, Susan is a results-oriented problem-solver with exceptional interpersonal and negotiation abilities. Having worked in a variety of global industries, she has grown business communications in her current position via a strong mixture of strategic resources, including social media.

9 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Wow. Life DOES come at you fast.

    Cheers for sticking with what’s most important, and here’s to getting the rest of life’s surprises back under control.

    Here if you need us.

  2. Thanks, Ike. I’m sticking around in the social media world and am making a list of the things I want to do and can now do because I don’t have the 9-5 stress.

    And, I get to enjoy more time with my daughter who is growing up WAY too fast.

  3. Call me as I’ve been living this scary way for a tad longer than you & it’s only scary if you let it overcome you. I’ve never known you be be overcome by anything before now so why start at such a time as this? Emily will benefit, but I guarantee you will never regret your decision & you will benefit more than she. Life is too short for regrets!

  4. I know that was not an easy decision to come to, but one that I know you’ll never regret. Being a stay-at-home mommy is a job in itself, but the rewards are priceless….I am more exhausted by 9pm these days than I ever was before! On to the bon-bons and soap operas! 😉

  5. Dear Susan
    CONGRATULATIONS! Nothing in this world is more important than our family, also friends, and the love we give and recieve from them. I sign up for lunch and specially when Mom Ann comes to town. Love to you 3. Nora

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