To Continue or Not?

The other day I was reading a post by friend and colleague, Sean Williams. His Twitter handle is @CommAMMO. His recent post is titled “When They’re Not Buying What You’re Selling”, which is about whether or not to continue the Twitter chat “#icchat”. #icchat is centered around internal communicators but everyone is welcome to join.

Sean states, “One harsh reality of social media is that you find out pretty quickly where you stand.  One fairly obvious reality is that the Twitter chat I’ve been working on for a while now — #icchat on internal communications – isn’t exactly setting the world on fire.” He then goes on to worry if the blame should fall on him as he is busy with his work and worries that he is not shepherding #icchat along.

I responded to Sean’s post, stating that I’m guilty for not participating. Actually, he took over the chat for me. However, I’m ready to jump back in and help make “icchat” successful.

My other thoughts in response to his post included the following:

  • I know that internal communicators are busy with change management these days, what with the economy and all.
  • Another thought I had was that corporate communicators are a hard breed to get involved in outside activities. I say this as an internal corporate communicator. Push back is very common in that world so many may not feel they have the time nor the backing to pursue some learning or passion that they otherwise would. Yet, let’s look at this a challenge.
  • How can we show how much value #icchat brings to the table so that communicators understand it’s worth the time to participate, even if they don’t get to use all that is discussed immediately?
  • How do we have them understand they have so much to contribute to the discussion?
  • Corporate communicators – what will it take to encourage you to be involved in #icchat? What value are you seeking? Have you ever attended?

Share your thoughts with us!! Reply here or on Sean’s post. You can always DM either one of us. Sean is @CommAMMO and I am @susancellura.

Sean has a poll up now so that we can help him pick the best time to hold #icchat. Please share your preference and join us for the next #icchat.

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Susan Cellura is a marketing communications professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a dynamic communications professional and enthusiastic team-builder, with a progressive history of success in designing and implementing communications programs for global organizations. A strategic thinker with the ability to understand the needs of multiple audiences and deliver solutions, Susan is a results-oriented problem-solver with exceptional interpersonal and negotiation abilities. Having worked in a variety of global industries, she has grown business communications in her current position via a strong mixture of strategic resources, including social media.

One thought on “To Continue or Not?”

  1. Susan, thanks for the support here — I believe that we can make a difference as internal communicators in many ways, provided that we a) make data driven decisions, and b) think of ourselves as business people who use communication to help our organizations. That’s been the focus of #icchat during the past year and change, and we have occasionally had good participation. I remember vividly what it’s like to be in the company, with all of the myriad pressures of the work piling up (I was manager of editorial services for Goodyear until 2007, and headed internal comms for National City Corp. until 2009, for example.)

    I know also that many companies continue to be rather unenlightened about social media in general, Twitter in particular, which can put a damper on one’s best laid plans to join a chat.

    So, yes, it’s an existential question — whither #icchat?

    Thanks again!

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