Sheriff of Nottingham

I’m sharing a few random thoughts that popped into my head as I was reading the newspapers…

  • An article from the Associated Press was titled Egypt sites prove promising for Cleopatra’s tomb. The subtitle reads “Newly found artifacts counter a theory the queen was unattractive”.

Oh, for geez sakes…really? That is what they need to prove? I thought we were going to discover more history, as she was a complex woman. I don’t care if she was pretty or not. Obviously her lovers liked her. What about that whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” saying?

  • I’ve been reading and hearing all about the government’s stimulus package and Americans’ reactions, how people can’t pay taxes on April 15, and today read a recap about all the tea parties held on April 15.

The thought that popped into my head? The Sheriff of Nottingham. nottingham

Remember him? He is the greedy sheriff who sniffed out all the townspeople’s money and collected it for taxes? Now,  I’m not calling anyone by this name, it just popped into my head as so many of us are not spending money and considering burying what we do have in our backyards. Make your own inference.

You know I love to know your thoughts, so please share!

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3 thoughts on “Sheriff of Nottingham”

  1. Sooz – welcome to the “new” journalism! You should probably count your blessings that the report didn’t unearth the fact that Cleopatra had a secret addiction to asp venom, or that she was having a secret affair with one of the temple servers!!

    Seriously, if you really ARE interested in learning more about Cleo, here’s a good book: “Cleopatra: Last Queen of Egypt” by Joyce Tyldesley. It’s a nice balance between history and readability.

  2. Sue:

    An editor here at Ragan has written an essay on this
    Sheriff of Nottingham theme of yours, an essay that has brought down on his head vials of vitriol from the Outraged Right. You can read the essay and the screams of protest on I’m going to do that right now. . .


  3. I remember how much I enjoyed reading Cleopatra by Margaret George. I think I borrowed it from you. Smart, clever queen. Women have just improved since then.

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