No, I’m not writing about the rock star. I’m writing about the color pink. It is my daughter’s favorite color and it cracks me and my family up. Here is why:

When I was pregnant, I abhorred pink. There was no pink in the baby room. I used other colors. So, of course, my daughter loves pink!

Here are some items that she has informed me she would like to have – in pink:

– A pink pony

– A pink guitar

– A pink shotgun (her father taught her to say that – grrrr…)

– A pink car

– A pink golf club

– A pink birthday cake (her birthday is in September)

– A pink choo-choo train

This is just one piece of the list. Oh, to be three again!

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8 thoughts on “Pink”

  1. funny…and somebody probably DOES make a pink shotgun!

    i hated pink as a kid, but now am quite into it…pale or fuchsia (any shade but bubblegum). and it’s FINE for redheads despite what i was told my whole life. my red-headed 2 yr old loves pink, too, AND has a pink room. she’ll probably grow to hate it later.

  2. Saw your comment on Facebook and had to chime in b/c I can relate all too well. I too abhorred pink and now it’s my daughters favorite color. If you don’t already have it, you should check this book out – Double Pink. We recently got it from the library and I probably have it memorized from reading it so much. Now we’re onto the Princess phase…

  3. Lisa, Thanks for the book recommendation!!! I wonder if the fact that our daughters like pink and we don’t is just an indication of what’s to come? 🙂 No, I’ll just pretend that all will be fine when she becomes a pre-teen. 🙂

  4. OK … I will be the defender of PINK. I think Emily has Excellent taste! By her loving pink, EVERYONE knows what is hers! Daddy hopefully won’t drink out of the pink cup or use the pink towel. She has this thing figured out. If it is PINK….. it belongs to Emily!! Her sister in the pink’ness” lives in Jacksonville and would love to have a pink party next time Miss Emily visits!!!

  5. Oh honey it’s only just begun… remember the pink volcano birthday cake? pink guitar with a faerie on it? the pink tee pee? and I finally gave up and her pale sage green room now has pink dragonflies painted all over…

    It will really get to you when you’ve just got the absolutely most adorable outfit for Emily, in a blue that matches those beautiful eyes… and she pitches a fit, refusing to wear it because it’s NOT PINK… surely this has happened already?

    when they’re 16 and trying to goth it up – we’ll be begging for pink…

  6. PINK…it’s not just for girls! My four year-old son Riley is somewhat drawn to it. Of the 100 or so race cars we have in this house, his favorite is the one he asked for at the grocery store about a year ago – the one he calls “the fancy car with the lady driver.” Indeed, it did look more fancy than the majority of his cars. And given his excitement over the “lady driver” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Polly Pocket isn’t real big with the boys…

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