Help a new communicator

I have a friend, Kim, who is new to the communication profession and is looking for more information on how to blog, why it’s important for leadership to communicate in less than good times, etc. All of the items that many of us have faced and face daily.

She read my post yesterday – “Let’s provide solutions in the new year” – and through the comments section and e-mail, I’ve pointed her in a few directions based on how I got started with social media for business and internal communications.

I ask you to show her how powerful social media can be internally and help her with resources, case studies, etc., that have helped and help you.

Here is what she wrote in the comments:

“Since I am new to communication as a profession, I’m interested in learning how to promote blogs internally. The Ciba CEO blog was put on hold since the BASF buyout was announced; however, I think this is an important time for the CEO to be communicating with the employees. Besides Amber Naslund’ blog, can you recommend other articles or books on the subject?”

I replied based on how I got started. Would you help me help Kim? She reads this blog so just feel free to leave your comments.


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Susan Cellura is a marketing communications professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a dynamic communications professional and enthusiastic team-builder, with a progressive history of success in designing and implementing communications programs for global organizations. A strategic thinker with the ability to understand the needs of multiple audiences and deliver solutions, Susan is a results-oriented problem-solver with exceptional interpersonal and negotiation abilities. Having worked in a variety of global industries, she has grown business communications in her current position via a strong mixture of strategic resources, including social media.

8 thoughts on “Help a new communicator”

  1. Susan, in addition to the great books/resources you mentioned yesterday, I think it would be great for Kim to read the book “Groundswell,” by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. Also, if you’re looking for a place to point those trying to make sense of the whole social media space, The Cluetrain Manifesto’s “95 Thesis” (halfway down this page – are an excellent place to start.

    Best of luck, Kim!

  2. I’m afraid I don’t have much to contribute, but the biggest mistake I see in corporate communications is the inability to find the balance between what the company executives want to communicate and what the employees want to hear, so that messages end up either heavy or cute and not at all useful. So think about what really needs to be said and what really needs to be heard, and be convincing.

    (Here’s an example: A newsletter article showed employees at a picnic celebrating their plant’s five years with no workers’ comp claims, work-related injuries, etc. The article was fluff about how hot dogs were enjoyed by all. Who cares? Of course people enjoy hot dogs at a picnic! Why not share 10 fun and useful tips on how your plant too can avoid workplace accidents and injuries so they’re compelling reading? Probably because someone decided employees wouldn’t read it, or they were afraid to. People in communications can be afraid, or not empowered, to be creative about how to position messages, and the result is the bland, generic, obvious, useless, and who cares?)

  3. Trust me, I want to redo just about every employee communication I’ve ever judged as part of IABC.

    Which, by the way, is something your friend might want to get involved in — judging employee communications. You learn a lot, both positive and negative.

  4. Hi Susan,

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I’ll be ‘tuning’ in regularly for more tips, plus I’ll use the blog sites you’ve recommended.



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