The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker is my absolute favorite ballet, and this year my friend Amy and I took our daughters to see the Houston Ballet performance. The girls were adorable in their dressy outfits and were completely enamored with the performance.  At various times throughout the dancing, they would sit with their mouths open and several times I caught E sitting there with her hands over her head imitating the ballerinas. Can you say PRECIOUS?!

What made the experience so unique is that Amy was able to score backstage passes so that the girls could meet the main characters:

– Sugar Plum Fairy

– Snow Queen

– Clara

– The Prince

– The Mouse King

– The Chefs

E was actually quite shy, and preferred to talk to the ballerinas about their shiny costumes. It took about 15 minutes for her to get near the Mouse King. E still talks to me about the performance. The conversation goes something like this (and she is very adamant in her description):

E: “The Nutcracker got hurt!” (If you have never seen The Nutcracker, the life-size toy nutcracker is hurt and then returns as the prince in Clara’s dream.)

Me: “Yes he did.”

E: “He got hurt!”

Me: Yes.

E: “Nutcracker got hurt!” (Very adamant now.)

Me: “Yes, and then what happened?”

E: “He turned into the prince!”

Me: “Yes!”

Repeat the conversation about three more times. 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures. It is always a magical time for me and it was more so this year as I was able to experience it with E.

Clara and E
Clara and E
Sugar Plum Fairy and E
Sugar Plum Fairy and E

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