The beauty of children is that they have no fear and thus, can hold any sort of conversation they want.

Take my three-year-old daughter for example. Natural curiousity along with an opening to educate her appropriately (be a lady) resulted in the following conversation:

E: Where’s your chest?

Me: Under my shirt.

E: (Looking down her shirt) My chest is under my shirt too.

Me: Yes, and we don’t show people our chest. We keep it covered with the shirt.

E: Okay!


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Susan Cellura is a marketing communications professional with over 20 years of experience. She is a dynamic communications professional and enthusiastic team-builder, with a progressive history of success in designing and implementing communications programs for global organizations. A strategic thinker with the ability to understand the needs of multiple audiences and deliver solutions, Susan is a results-oriented problem-solver with exceptional interpersonal and negotiation abilities. Having worked in a variety of global industries, she has grown business communications in her current position via a strong mixture of strategic resources, including social media.

4 thoughts on “Chests”

  1. Whaddaya know! There are two Kristens now commenting on your blog. I looked at that comment and went: “I never said that! But, hmmm, it’s funny – wish I had said it!”

    Anyway I think we need to differentiate ourselves so we all know who’s who moving forward. From now I will call myself “Canuck Kristen” under the assumption that the other Kristen isn’t also located here in Canada. I think that should clear everything up nicely.

    After all, if you make a really intelligent, wise or funny comment, (I’m talking here about the OTHER Kristen of course) you should get the credit for it!

  2. I’m a little late with a comment. But my husband always told me that when his son was growing up and starting asking questions about body parts/functions/differences, etc.–that kids don’t require a long explanation. The shorter the better and then they move on to something else. Wish he taught his son how to aim in the bathroom. He’s 26 now!!

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